Get a collection

GET /v2/collections/{id}

Path parameters

  • id string(uuid) Required

    ID of the collection.


  • 200 application/json


    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
    • id string(uuid) Required

      ID of the collection.

    • reference string(uuid) Required

      Unique reference, can be used to correlate with the resulting Transaction.

    • amount integer(int64) Required

      The collection amount, in cents.

    • currency string Required

      Currency of the amount, in ISO 4217 format.

    • mandate object Required

      The SEPA Direct Debit collection mandate used.

      Hide mandate attributes Show mandate attributes
      • reference string Required

        The unique mandate reference.

      • scheme string Required

        The mandate scheme.

        Values are b2b or core.

    • scheduled_date string(date) Required

      The collection scheduled date, in ISO8601 format.

    • local_iban string Required

      IBAN credited or to be credited. It can be the main IBAN of an account or a virtual IBAN.

    • account_id string(uuid)

      ID of the account this collection belongs to, it can be missing while we process it according to the local IBAN.

    • status string Required

      Current status of the collection.

      Values are pending, scheduled, confirmed, canceled, or failed.

    • Code that represents the failure reason when the collection has failed:

      • invalid_mandate_iban: The mandate's IBAN is invalid.
      • unreachable_mandate_iban: The mandate's IBAN is unreachable for the given scheme.
      • missing_debtor_address: The debtor address is missing and required for non-EEA SEPA country.
      • core_limit_exceeded: The limit for CORE collections was exceeded.
      • execution_failure: The collection was executed but failed before settlement.

      The following codes are only returned if the collection was executed as part of a bulk:

      • current_account_not_found: The provided local IBAN does not exist.
      • creditor_is_saving_account: The provided local IBAN is a Booster account.
      • no_sepa_creditor_identifier: You need to setup a SEPA creditor identifier with your banker.
      • mandate_info_missing: New mandate information must be complete.
      • owned_mandate_iban: The IBAN linked to the mandate can not be one of your accounts.

      Values are invalid_mandate_iban, unreachable_mandate_iban, missing_debtor_address, core_limit_exceeded, execution_failure, current_account_not_found, no_sepa_creditor_identifier, creditor_is_saving_account, mandate_info_missing, or owned_mandate_iban.

    • message string

      Message attached to this collection, visible to all involved parties.

    • Unique identification to unambiguously identify the transaction. This identification is passed on, unchanged, throughout the entire end-to-end chain. It can be used for reconciliation or to link tasks relating to the transaction.

    • Internal note attached to this collection, visible only in your Memo Bank workspace.

    • Custom identifier attached to the transaction resulting from this collection. It is not transmitted nor visible in your Memo Bank workspace. It can only be retrieved or used to search for transactions via Memo Bank API.

    • Custom metadata attached to the transaction resulting from this collection. It is not transmitted nor visible in your Memo Bank workspace and can only be retrieved via API.

GET /v2/collections/{id}
curl \
 -X GET \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response examples (200)
  "id": "61b05c4f-3f72-4951-8c30-a2a9faaa5184",
  "reference": "ab004cfc-99fb-4ba9-bc9c-70982f853cb1",
  "amount": 500,
  "currency": "EUR",
  "mandate": {
    "reference": "ABC123DEF",
    "scheme": "core"
  "scheduled_date": "2022-12-05",
  "local_iban": "FR6430003000509825397888D64",
  "account_id": "708683cb-60f6-464a-a62f-be2e339c34aa",
  "status": "failed",
  "failure_code": "invalid_mandate_iban",
  "message": "invoice no12345",
  "end_to_end_id": "b0bfb42baa2642c2af0ca3e880fcd590",
  "internal_note": "phone bill",
  "custom_id": "637406efda8534de8c0e",
  "custom_metadata": "This is some metadata"