Get an attachment

GET /v2/attachments/{id}

This operation uses content negotiation to request either a JSON representation of the attachment, or the actual document. Check the OpenAPI specification for more details.

Path parameters

  • id string(uuid) Required

    ID of the attachment.


  • OK

    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
    • id string(uuid) Required

      ID of the attachment.

    • transaction_id string(uuid) Required

      ID of the transaction this document is attached to.

    • filename string Required

      Name of the attached file.

    • size integer(int64) Required

      Size of the attached file in bytes.

    • mime_type string Required

      Mime type of the attached file.

    • date string(date-time) Required

      Date at which the file has been attached to a transaction.

    • is_deleted boolean Required

      Whether or not this attachment has been deleted.

GET /v2/attachments/{id}
curl \
 -X GET \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"
Response examples (200)
  "id": "db2b50c0-a943-4eb1-a69f-fa37f112daa8",
  "transaction_id": "20588f37-0ca6-4abd-80ae-1964d601b516",
  "filename": "document.pdf",
  "size": 42,
  "mime_type": "application/pdf",
  "date": "2024-05-04T09:42:00+00:00",
  "is_deleted": true